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Unique Equipment

Kinesis One
High Energy Dynamic Workouts! With hundreds of movement possibilities, training on the Kinesis will always be fresh and challenging. Come in and check out the only Kinesis Training Machine in the Lowcountry. Use your legs, your arms, and your core to get a full body workout that is quick and fun!


Used by the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college and youth athletes across the US, VertiMax is has become the world’s leading Multi-Sport training system. The ability to easily and effectively develop power and speed for hundreds of sport specific movements allows VertiMax to deliver the competitive edge for any sports fitness performance parameter.


DKN Whole Body Vibration
Controlled vertical vibration provides a faster workout combined with many rehabilitative benefits. Training on the DKN Whole Body Vibration machine will improve your flexibility, strength and fat loss. Come in to try it out yourself!

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